God Working Through You

If God is love, and if He is all powerful, then why does He do nothing (that we recognize as Him doing something) about these massive problems in the world?

To this I ask, Do you have love inside you?

Then you have God inside you.

Why then are you not doing anything about these massive problems?

Is it about not having enough power in your individual self? Is that the excuse?

History has given us so many examples of people, even ordinary individuals like you, who stood up and acted in seemingly supernatural ways against problems in their world, and made a difference in their times.

Those who let love in them act boldly against those problems are, in fact, God-taking-action.

The question is not about God and His nature and His capabilities. That is and always has been an excuse humans use to absolve themselves of responsibility to face the overwhelming complexity, to grow stronger under the stress of the mess, to increase capacity to understand and act and find ways to fix things. God is there and always has been there to strongly support those with the courage to stand up for things that matter.

The question is not about God. It is about you:

Do you have love?

Do you take action?

If not, don’t blame God for it. He is in you already waiting to be released through your courageous actions of love.